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Is Ron Paul Alive?
036 2 months ago
Iowa State University enrollment: 36,660 strong
0887 over a year ago
Hundreds of Americans on rafts accidentally float into Canada
0618 over a year ago
Judge Rejects Every Argument in Iowa State's Motion to Dismiss Free Speech Case
0893 over a year ago
AirAsia plane crash: First pictures of wreckage
0929 over a year ago
Syria: Isis chief executioner found beheaded with cigarette in his mouth
01138 over a year ago
REVEALED: How Dora Akunyili Was Killed By Misdiagnosis
0786 over a year ago
Dora Akunyili is dead
0716 over a year ago
Did Shepard Smith Leave Crimea to Come Out?
0889 over a year ago
Did Fox NewsÂ’ Shepard Smith Just Come Out Of The Closet?
01004 over a year ago
UNI investigating possible data breach after 50 employees report problems with tax returns
0787 over a year ago
Iowa State University to Remove Gideon Bibles from Campus Hotel
0751 over a year ago
Justine Sacco's Nightmare Before Christmas, Twitter-Version
0952 over a year ago
North Korea releases detained U.S. veteran
0776 over a year ago
American citizen Merrill Newman deported from North Korea lands in San Francisco
0815 over a year ago
Who is Paula Broadwell?
0698 over a year ago
Hackers Break Into Extremely Sensitive White House Network
0880 over a year ago
White House confirms cyberattack
0622 over a year ago
UPDATE Occupy Black Bloc Member James E. Holmes Shoots Up Aurora Co Movie Theater Killing 12 And Wounding 50 at new Batman: The Dark Knight Rises Movie
01202 over a year ago
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