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Campustown’s Pixels Video Games to close

Posted March 26, 2014 - 9:32pm Updated March 27, 2014 - 9:59am

Pixels Video Games, located at 120 Hayward Ave., will be closing its doors at the end of April. The store has already sold most of its arcade games, and employees are hoping to sell their full video game collection before closing shop. Photo by Julie Ferrell/Ames Tribune. 


By Julie Ferrell, Staff Writer

As a large portion of Campustown is shut down for redevelopment, another store a block away will be closing its doors.


Pixels Video Games will be closing shop at the end of April, and the store is trying to clear out both its arcade games and the rest of its gaming collection.


Damon Viner, store manager, said he learned about the closing two weeks ago, and the business announced it on its Facebook page last Monday.


Viner said the store will close some time between April 21 and 25, depending on how many games are still on shelves at the end of the month.


“Our lease is up in April,” Viner said. “It’ll be sad to see it go.”


The store, owned by Aaron McMahon, originally opened at 120 Hayward Ave., in May 2011, and Viner said he has seen the popularity of the store continue to increase in recent years.


“At first, we saw the students in the first year and a half but recently, we’ve seen families and kids from the Ames community,” he said.


Along with more customers, Viner said he has seen the shop offer more events like tournaments and concerts recently, and regular groups have scheduled weekly times to play in the arcade. Even as the store closes, Viner said the group still has an all-day “Super Smash Bros.” gaming tournament on April 5. It’s events like the tournament, where the store employees get the chance to talk with their customers, that Viner said was his favorite part of working at the store.


“It’s the people,” he said. “I’m a huge game collector myself, so it’s just been fun to talk to people every day about video games.”


While the store’s shelves are still stacked with video games, Viner said most of the arcade games have already been sold to the Up-Down “barcade” in Des Moines. But Viner said there may still be hope for the store yet. The business may have a potential buyer, Viner said, which could allow it to reopen under new owners, but if the deal falls through, the store will close permanently.


Viner is prepared to start looking for jobs elsewhere, and he is considering expanding into a store of his own. But for the time being, Pixels is still open for business and welcoming customers.


“We had the arcade, we have the couches set up with some TVs. It’s just a nice hangout place, it’s not stressful like some stores,” Viner said. “You can come and just hang out and have fun.”


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