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Charles A.
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Do tanks have seat belts?

I looked for an image of a Leopard driver’s seat, and I did not find any seatbelts.

But then I looked for an image of a Fuchs six wheeled armored vehicle, and I found some belts attached to the rear wall behind the seats.

So my conclusion is: Some models have, some have not. It may be of importance if a driver’s seat has a fixed position or not. A Leopard tank usually is driven by a driver who puts his head out of the tank’s body and looks directly o the scenery. As soon as conditions require to get some shelter, the driver hides himself inside the tank and looks outside over some periscopic prism systems. So in this case he has to adjust his seat in height. This may interfere with a safety belt.


A fuchs driver has a big window in fromt of the car as well as side windows, so he is basically sitting like in a truck. Usually he does not have to adjust his seating position in order to stick his head out of the roof. So ordinary seatbelts make sense.



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