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How to Fix Google / Android Smartlock trusted places - 60 second fix

Here's all you've gotta do:

-Head into the Security section of your system settings and find the option for Smart Lock. You'll probably have to enter your security code before moving on to the next menu.

-Select "Trusted Places," then tap the line for whatever location isn't working properly and select the option to edit it.

-Tap the map that appears, then slide your finger around to move the red pin to the most accurate location. Even if the location looks right from the get-go, shift it around a teensy bit to force the system to update it. This will likely change the text you see on the screen from a specific street address (which you probably typed in at some point) to a set of latitude and longitude coordinates.

-Tap the "Update" command at the bottom of the screen, then hit your device's Home key to exit back to the home screen.

-That's it -- and nonsensical as it sounds, it should do the trick. At least, it did for all three phones I've been testing in my house, all of which have experienced flawless Trusted Places functionality more or less since the moment I made this change.

For whatever reason, it appears Trusted Places' reliability issue has something to do with locations inputted via a numerical street address -- ya know, the way most people would input them. Once you set a location by physically moving the red pin on the map instead, things seem to go back to normal.

I sure as hell can't explain why this feature is broken in that weird-seeming way, but I can tell you it's spectacular to have it working again.



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