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Charles A.
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If you are switching to pigment ink you must must use a new printhead. You cannot mix inks in the same print head as this will cause chemical reactions, causing poor print quality, reduced water and scratch resistance and potentially clogged or burned print nozzles.


A small change in chemistry can cause the pigment particles to clump together and sink to the bottom. If you mix pigment and dye ink, you risk ruining your print head. NO manufacturer mixes pigment and dye.


Usually it's also a very bad idea to use pigment ink for a printer that was designed for dye. The print head is designed for one or the other, and you must use the right kind of ink. The only exception I know of is that users have found that some Epson printers, but not all printers, can use either dye or pigment.


Some printers use black pigment ink for text and dye ink for photographs. You could have both black pigment and black dye. You need to be careful and use each one in the correct cartridge.


You should use only ink that is designed specifically for your printer.



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