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Charles A.
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Why was Drew McIntire fired? WWE

Breaking News: The Reason Behind Drew McIntyre's "Termination" Storyline


MAY 9, 2010



What's up Bleaches? ''No time to waste; so let's bleach it!''


As many of you already know, ''The Chosen One,'' Drew McIntyre, was stripped of his WWE Intercontinental Title on this week's episode of Friday Night SmackDown!, after attacking Matt Hardy and literally demolishing him. If that wasn't enough, Drew was also suspended and in turn (kayfabe) fired from SmackDown!, by it's current general manager, Teddy Long.


At first when I heard of this ruling, I was totally disgusted with it and really wanted to know why WWE would just strip such a young and upcoming champion like McIntyre of his title. But something in my gut made me wonder if it was all done to further push Drew's angle as McMahon's ''Chosen Superstar storyline,'' with Drew getting revenge on Teddy some way or the other.


Via, I have just found out that the real reason for Drew's storyline termination, is because McIntyre just got married to Taryn Terrell, a.k.a Tiffany, on May 2nd. So the guy just wanted to spend some quality time with his new ''Lovey-Dovey Wife.'' There were people within the company who were speculating that the firing may have been a cover for a legitimate suspension, but it appears that is not the case.


I honestly don't know how long Drew will be off Smackdown, but I suspect that Vinnie Mac will eventually "overrule" Teddy's punishment and have Drew reinstated back to the roster.


What I really want to know is: who will win the vacant Intercontinental title match between Kofi Kingston and Christian, on next week's episode of SmackDown!?


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Who do you think will win?


''That's it for me Bleaches!''



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